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NPC - PUBLIC NOTICE: Review of the Government of the Republic of Namibia Civic Organisations Partnership Policy - 10 to 24 October 2022


In September, the National Planning Commission (NPC) issued a public notice regarding the review of the 2005 Government of the Republic of Namibia Civic Organisations (GRN-CO) Partnership Policy. Civic organisations are invited to participate in regional workshops, scheduled between 10 and 24 October 2022

Confirmation of attendance should be communicated via email to the Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Namibia (EPDN) Programme Team: <> and <>. 

Proposals for improving civic society participation in national planning may be forwarded via email to the independent experts on or before 15 October 2022: <> and <>.

Click on the following link to read/download the full public notice* as advertised in the New Era Newspaper on 26 September

*Please note that the date of the Windhoek workshop has been changed to Monday 24 October 2022.


PUBLIC NOTICE: Namibia’s ongoing development depends on the collaboration and productive cooperation of many actors, public, private and civil. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) deliver important services in many areas of life including health, education and the environment. A strong civil society is crucial for any democratic society as it helps to strengthen pluralism and can contribute to more effective policies and increased accountability. CSOs also play a vital role in citizens' advocacy and respond to some of their pertinent demands.

In 2005 the Government of Namibia, in collaboration with Civil Society Organisations, developed the Civic Organisations Partnership Policy (COPP) which was designed to strengthen its partnership with CSOs to improve development results. This Partnership Policy aimed to promote civic participation, bringing the Government closer to the people and improving opportunities for civic organisations.

In October 2022 independent experts will review the Civic Organisations Partnership Policy with the intention of formulating recommendations for improvements and policy implementation. Civic organisations are invited to participate in consultations in which they will be able to voice their ideas in this process, e.g., on how the partnership with the Government of Namibia shall be governed, on potential new partnership frameworks and structures, on operational and legislative considerations supportive of local development.

The workshops will take place on Monday 10 October in Ondangwa; on Thursday 13 October in Swakopmund; on Monday 17 October in Keetmanshoop and on Monday 24 October in Windhoek. Confirmations of attendance should be communicated to the Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Namibia” Programme Technical Assistance Team:

  1. Dr. Anthony Tsekpo -; and
  2. Ms. Reena Fernando -

Proposals for Improving Civic Society Participation in National Planning may be forwarded to the following independent experts on or before 15 October 2022:

  1. Ms. Mary Hangula –; and
  2. Mr. Christopher Louise -

The policy under review can downloaded at: or 

The Policy Review Process is being facilitated by the EPDN Programme and is Funded by the European Union.

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