CIVIC +264 & IPPR host Training for Civil Society on the National Budget Process - with MoF & NPC Staff


NATIONAL BUDGET | On Wednesday, 6 July 2022, the Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (CIVIC +264) and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) hosted a training for civil society on the national budget process - with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and National Planning Commission (NPC) staff.  The training was aimed at enabling civil society activists to better understand the national budget process. 

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LTR:  Mr Nikanor Shiwayu (MoF); Ms Leena Sindano (NPC), Mr Emmanuel Nashivela (MoF), Ms Helvi Fillipus (MoF) and Mr Bradley Tjongarero (CIVIC +264)

At the training, participants were given an overview of the national budget process and a variety of aspects thereto were discussed.

  1. MoF Chief Economist: Budget Management Control, Mr Nikanor Shiwayu, gave a presentation on the Namibian National Budget Process,
  2. MoF Deputy Director of Economic Policy, Mr Emmanuel Nashivela, gave a presentation on the Role of Economic Policy Advisory Services (EPAS) in the Budget Process,  and 
  3. Ms Leena Sindano from the National Planning Commission (NPC) gave a presentation on the Development Budget Preparation Process.

During the question and answer session, civil society participants had an opportunity to engage with the presenters, as well as MoF Economic Advisor, Ms Helvi Fillipus, and the MoF Director of Budget Management and Control, Ms Taina Nankela.

Matters addressed included the role of Parliament in budget oversight and monitoring; access to information for civil society on every step of the budget process; Namibia's debt and the availability of comprehensive documentation thereto; the Open Budget Survey (OBS); and clarification on the process for budget cuts.

The training came at a time when MoF is expected to announce national consultations on the budget soon.


Click on the below links to read/download the presentations -

  1. The Namibian National Budget Process - <>,
  2. The Role of Economic Policy Advisory Services (EPAS) in the Budget Process - <>, and
  3. The Development Budget Preparation Process - <>.

Click on the following link to view the live stream of the event: <>.

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