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Civil Society Information Centre Namibia

Welcome to CIVIC +264

The aim of CIVIC +264 is to create a database of active civil society organisations in Namibia and a website for information sharing amongst those organisations.


Latest News

28 June 2022
APRM | On Monday, 27 June 2022, the Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (CIVIC +264) hosted a briefing session on the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) process in Namibia focusing on the role ...
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28 June 2022
HARDAP REGION INFORMATION SESSIONS | On 20 & 21 June 2022 the Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (CIVIC +264) hosted information sharing and networking sessions in Rehoboth and Mariental res...
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28 June 2022
Join the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Namibia and the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) at their upcoming national conference on “The Future of Namibia’s Forests – Sustainable Fo...
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28 June 2022
Join the Namibian Albinism Association Trust (NAAT) for a peaceful demonstration to stop discrimination killings and selling of body parts on 29 June 2022 at 08:00 from Single Quarters (Open Market) t...
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24 June 2022
Donate clothes, food and blankets for the less privileged in Rehoboth. Contact the Hardap Region Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Network team - Mrs Jeanne on +264 81 216 2863 or Mrs Maryna on +264 ...
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16 June 2022
As part of observing the International Day of the African Child, the Basic Income Grant Coalition (BIG) of Namibia is hosting a public event themed 'Ending Multidimensional Child Poverty in Namibia'. ...
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