Annual Reports of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

Legal Assistance Centre: Gender Research & Advocacy Project (GR&AP) 2021 - Annual Update and Publications Catalogue

The Legal Assistance Centre's (LAC's) Gender Research & Advocacy Project (GR&AP) team recently shared an illustrated overview of their 2021 activities, along with an updated GR&AP Publications Catalogue.

Some of the GR&AP’s highlights for 2021 include:

  • Regular ProBono newspaper columns researched and written for publication in The Namibian (16 columns published, half drafted by GR&AP and half drafted by LAC colleagues and edited by GR&AP)
  • Statute Summaries on 12 key human rights laws, grouped by theme (hopefully to be followed by future instalments)
  • Research and advocacy on a range of legal topics, including civil registration, draft bills on marriage and divorce, obsolete laws, hate speech, proposed amendments to the law on rape and domestic violence, access to abortion and various LGBT issues
  • A question-and-answer session on the Civil Registration & Identification Bill for the NGO community
  • 26 training sessions on the Child Care & Protection Act and other family laws, for professionals, community groups and schools, involving 840 participants
  • 82 media appearances, including print media, radio, television and online interviews and podcasts

Read/Download the LAC's GR&AP:

  1.  Annual Update by clicking here:
  2. Publications Catalogue by clicking here:

Annual Report 2020/2021 of Nambia Housing Action Group (NHAG) and Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN)

Until June 2021 SDFN/NHAG have built an overall of 6,865 brick houses, each of them with its own toilet and water connection. Assuming 4 or more people live in such a house built by SDFN/NHAG this means that around 30,000 people have moved into a life with dignity and hope.
And most importantly, doing so through their own commitment and persistence; sometimes saving for years and often waiting for land for decades.

Click here to read/download the NHAG & SHDFN Annual Report 2020/2021: