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[OPEN] New Voices, New Narratives in Public Policy Discourse

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The 'New Voices, New Narratives in Public Policy Discourse' programme seeks to strengthen the capacity of Namibian civil society and the media to explain and discuss political issues to articulate citizens' concerns from the community level to the national level and to bring them into political decision-making processes in Namibia.

To this end, a training program has been developed that includes journalistic techniques such as fact checking, explanatory formats, dialogue facilitation, and data journalism, as well as improving advocacy and social media strategies for campaigns. The training program connects NGO members, activists, and journalists to learn together and from each other.

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[CLOSED] African Union CIEFFA Online Capacity Building Training 2023 - #AfricaEducatesHer

The African Union CIEFFA and ImpactHER are co-hosting the public phase of the Online Capacity Building Training starting from August 2023 under the theme “#AfricaEducatesHer - Digital Skills for All: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEAM, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship”. The training is targeted at women and men from 55 African Union Member States and the Diaspora who are interested in developing their skills in STEAM, digital literacy, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, as well as women teachers who want to enhance their capacity to teach digital literacy and STEAM subjects.

The African Union CIEFFA and ImpactHER have come together to organize an online capacity building training on skills' development and access to STEAM through gender responsive-education upscaling. This training seeks to address the challenges facing young women and men in Africa, particularly in the areas of STEAM, digital literacy, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. It also seeks to enhance the capacity of women teachers to teach digital literacy and STEAM subjects effectively.

The African Union's International Center for Girls and Women's Education in Africa (African Union CIEFFA) is a specialized institution of the African Union working under the African Union Commission Department of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (ESTI) and established for the promotion and advocacy of gender equality in education on the continent. 

ImpactHER is an award-winning not-for-profit organization working to empower African female entrepreneurs by bridging the gender business financing gap so as to help them realize their full economic potential.

The pilot phase of the Training was run  in May/June 2023  with 106 African Union CIEFFA Alumni of the Youth Programs representing 54 African Union Member States and the Diaspora. 

Application Deadline:   31st July 2023


  • Gain knowledge in Digital Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and Financial Literacy.
  • Get a Certificate in each program: Digital Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and Financial Literacy (participants need to attend at least 60% of the training courses per program to be eligible for certificates).
  • Be part of African Union CIEFFA network and ImpactHER network.
  • Increase your chances to be invited for fully-funded in-person activities by the African Union CIEFFA.
  • Fully-funded online training sponsored by ImpactHER

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an African woman or man;
  • Be able to demonstrate the motivation to learn about: digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy.
  • Be able to demonstrate leadership abilities, aspirations and a commitment to the promotion of girls and women's education;
  • Have access to good internet connection and a device (laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet).
  • Have a clear understanding of one of the training's languages; English, French or Portuguese;
  • Hold an African citizenship residing on the continent or anywhere in the world.

PS Please note that the participants will be divided into batches. Each batch will be run for a period of 1 month starting from August 2023.

If you have any questions or requirements, please reach out to:

Click on the following link to access the application form:


[CLOSED] Applications for the African Civic Engagement Academy (ACEA) are open till 22 April 2022

Applications for the African Civic Engagement Academy (ACEA) 2022 are open till 22 April. Supported by the US Department of State, ACEA is a free online training program and networking opportunity for selected mid-career civil society and public leaders across sub-Saharan Africa.

The Academy is intended for professionals (ages 30-45) with demonstrated leadership experience in NGO, non-profit, or public sector roles. Participants will be expected to engage in peer discussions and prepare a peer-mentored action plan for civic engagement.

Participants will receive a certificate from the University of Georgia, USA, upon completion.

Click here to read/download more information about the African Civic Engagement Academy (ACEA) and the application process:

Direct link to application website:

[CLOSED] APRM TRAINING ON SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION: To Accelerate the Implementation of Agenda 2063 and SDGs

APRM Virtual Training on South South Cooperation

The African Peer Review Mechanism in collaboration with GIZ and the Institute for Global Dialogue based at the Univesity of South Africa (UNISA) are launching a Virtual Training Programme on South-South Cooperation (SSC) and the Implementation of Agenda 2063 and SDGs on the Continent.

The APRM invites applications from Postgraduate Students, AU Experts, Civil Servants, Youth and Civil Society Organizations,

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

Application for Course to be completed before the 30th of October 2021.

Link to Apply:

AU APRM Call for Training Poster

[CLOSED] CSO Workshop Announcement

CSO Workshop Anouncement

Regain Trust with the funding from the European Union is implementing and contributing towards the National Efforts to prevent, mitigate and respond to the high instances of Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and Learner Pregnancy (LP) in Namibia by working Nationally and across 4 regions, namely Khomas, Erongo, Oshana and Omusati.

Enhancing the participation of CSOs in the Life Skills Education Sector

Workshop for CSOs

Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs to enhance effective implementation of Life Skills Health Education in the Omusati, Oshana, Erongo and Khomas Regions.
Overall Goal

The overall goal of the Capacity Building Workshops would be to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to enhance the implementation of SGBV and SRHR advocacy strategies in their respective regions as well as enhance their collaboration and coordination amongst CSOs.

CSO Workshop Dates

  • Workshop 1: Erongo Region, Swakopmund (30 - 31 August 2021)
  • Workshop 2: Oshana Region, Ondangwa (02 - 03 Septemeber 2021)
  • Workshop 3: Khomas Region, Windhoek (07 - 08 Septemeber 2021)

For any queries to contact:

  • Mr James Ithana - +264 81 636 2566
  • Ms Wendy Huschfieldt - +264 81 127 3715

[CLOSED] Call for Southern Africa Youth for CPMR Training

In an effort to ensure that young people in the Southern African region contribute towards the efforts to silence the guns and create peaceful environments conducive to development - the Youth for Peace (Y4P) Africa programme will offer youth in Southern Africa a 2-day training on Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (CPMR).

Who Can Apply?

  1. Be national of the 10 Southern Africa member states of the African Union (Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  2. Be aged 18-35 years old (as of 20 August 2021)
  3. Proficient in English or Portuguese
  4. Have access to the internet for the purpose of attending the data
  5. Persons living with disabilities, women, rural-based youth, refugees and asylum seekers, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Date: 19 - 20 August 2021 (2 days)
Time: 12:00 SAST - 16:00 SAST (4 hours per day)
Where: Zoom (link for registration will be sent to successful applicants)

Link to the Application form:


[CLOSED] Media and Information Literacy for Youth Civic Engagement

UNESCO Windhoek office is launching Media and Information Literacy (MIL) for Youth Civic Engagement in Namibia in partnership with the National Youth Council (NYC) and Namibia National Commission to UNESCO (NatCom) with financial support from the Japanese government.

The project aims to engage youth-led organisations and youth in general to participate in MIL workshops, webinars and online trainings to navigate the digitalized information ecosystem. Media and information literacy is a lifelong learning tool for youth to assess and verify messages;

  • Fed and received on social media platforms and the internet;
  • Be aware of content providers’ business model, political, commercial and societal agendas and to interpret and disseminate reliable information by an agency of their own informed choice;
  •  Seeking, interacting and sharing information online also implies privacy issues, which is closely associated with transparency of internet companies regarding collection of data and algorithm;
  • Education on digital citizenship is thus another vital component of media and information literacy.

Under the project framework, UNESCO Windhoek office, NYC and its partners will organize workshops with youth-led organizations to enhance their MIL capacities and eventually contribute towards recommendation guidelines for the integration of MIL in youth organization’s daily operations. At individual level, online trainings and webinars on UNESCO’s MILCLICKS initiative and MIL-related topics like tackling online hate speech and disinformation are open to every Namibian youth aged 16-35 years old. The development of MILCLICKS micro-learning infographics and videos is anticipated from the participating youth, with the guidance of trainers, to ensure active engagement.

The vision of this project, is to enable youth to make informed decisions, become actively involved in wide-ranging societal affairs and be the change-maker in their professional fields.

For youth organizations wishing to attend the workshop, please fill in the online survey.  Registration closes 30th June 2021, @ 11:59 pm latest. For youth individuals interested in online trainings and webinars, please fill in theregistration form. Registration closes by 30th June 20201, @ 11:59 pm as well. Youth participants are encouraged to sign up for MIL MOOC COURSE as complementary learning materials and will receive online certificate once they have completed the course. 

For more information, please contact Ms. Yang Wang and Brian Prince

Relevant links:


MILCLICKS TwitterFacebook and Instagram


[CLOSED] Positive Change: NGO Development in Namibia

Virtual Workshop hosted by Capricorn Group, Bank Windhoek and the Lithon Foundation

DATE: 16 April 2021

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00

VENUE: Facebook:


Some of the WHY’s so many organisations are struggling with will be discussed, namely:

  1. Registration: Why register, where, as what (NGO, CSO, WO, NPO, FBO, school, church) and how and at what cost?
  2. Financials: Why audited statements? Why is it so expensive? Why do donors demand audited statements?
  3. Marketing: Why do I need to tell my stories, do marketing of my activities or go on social media – will it really make a difference?
  4. Project Management: When I do get funding, why do I need to manage the project well and report back afterwards?

The intention is to address the HOW’s in a next session.

The discussions will be recorded for future reference and for those who do not have access to good internet/data/devices.

Positive Change NGO Development in Namibia

Civil Society Organisations in Namibia

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