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  • Namibia Association of Children with Disabilities (NACD)

Namibia Association of Children with Disabilities (NACD)

Namibia Association of Children with Disabilities (NACD)
Address: 1005 Ondoto Street, Windhoek 50603, Khomas, Namibia
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Vision Statement:

Equal rights for children with disabilities and their full integration into society with equal opportunities for all.

Mission Statement:

By mobilizing parents, awareness-raising in general, and specifically among the parents of children with disabilities, and by advocacy and networking activities, NACD wants to fight for the rights of children with disabilities, integrate them in society and realize equal opportunities for all.

Organisation Focus Programmes:

  • To prepare children with disabilities for full integration into society, by designing and implementing programs concerning preprimary educational facilities and income generating activities.
  • To improve the living standards of children with disabilities, by providing parents with information, parental guidance and counselling.
  • To ensure that the educational rights of children with disabilities are realized through advocacy and networking activities with different stakeholders like the Ministries, schools and special schools.
  • To network with strategic Organisations within the disability sector to strengthen the Organisation in working towards the objectives.
  • To advise the government on legislation and policies that affect children with disabilities, by lobbying, networking and advocacy activities, to ensure proper and effective legislation and policies.
Establishment year: 2000

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