Beekeeping Association of Namibia

Beekeeping Association of Namibia
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126 P O Box 97141, Maerua Mall, Windhoek, Namibia, Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia

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The BEEKEEPING ASSOCIATION OF NAMIBIA acts as the national spokesperson for the beekeeping industry, guided by the executive committee (EC) and registered as a membership-based not-for-profit. We operate on voluntary basis through teams and subcommittees and regional representatives. The EC manages the affairs of the association as appointed by the general assembly according to the aims, objectives and guidelines stipulated in the constitution. The objectives generally aim to develop and conserve the bee populations, develop all aspects of the apiculture industry and create enabling environments that contribute to environmental stability, biodiversity, food security and true sustainable development and conservation within Namibia. We participate and respond to global concerns while we develop standards and opportunities internationally through research, training and by building networks. Although we have been actively involved in various fields of apiculture the need for local support and capacity building remains a challenge where we can advance to greater levels with long-term local stakeholder engagement. We have gained valuable international co-operation and have local expertise that will secure these opportunities. Active groups like Women For Bees Namibia, an active beekeeping and support group does projects and support The Beekeeping Association of Namibia while other teams assists the public with bees and specific targets while we do regular and devoted awareness and educational events and provide other services. This apiculture industry requires only the right vision from multi stakeholder and sector to engage to contribute to major positive changes within Namibia.


Gretchen Burmeister
Managing Director
Gretchen is a full time beekeeper committed to both The Beekeeping Association of Namibia and the Women For Bees Namibia training group. The projects we develop is for training, data collection and research contributing to building the apiculture industry.

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