Gobabeb - Namib Research Institute

Gobabeb - Namib Research Institute
Address: D1983 Namib-Naukluft National Park, Walvis Bay 13013, Erongo, Namibia
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Executive Director
Gillian Maggs-Kolling
Climate ChangeEducationEnvironment
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As one of the oldest desert research centres in the world, Gobabeb is a catalyst for gathering, understanding and sharing knowledge about arid environments, especially the hyper-arid Namib Desert. We are furthermore committed to skills development of emerging environmental specialists and decision-makers, with a specific focus on tertiary level and post-graduate training. More than 250 scientists from across the world visit Gobabeb annually to execute research and test new innovations. For 60 years, research findings from the Namib, across a range of disciplines, have been shared in peer-reviewed journals, books and theses. Gobabeb has been central to global understanding and appreciation for desert biodiversity and ecology. Ongoing studies on atmospheric sciences and meteorology, through an array of cutting edge instrumentation, contribute essential data on Earth dynamics for the development of new tools to understand, monitor and cope with climate change. Gobabeb is a recognised partner in building capacity in science, technology and innovation within SADC and Namibia. Our research aims to: 1) Improve knowledge and understanding of the hyper-arid Namib environment 2) Develop and test evidence-based solutions to cope with challenges in dryland environments 3) Improve skills and abilities in science, innovation and sustainable environmental management 4) Facilitate information exchange at all levels 5) Integrate scientific knowledge with public policy and national development

Establishment year: 1962

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