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White Ribbon Campaign Namibia (WRCN)

White Ribbon Campaign Namibia (WRCN)
Address: 1005 Ondoto Street, Disability Resource Centre, Okuryangava, Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
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Founded in 2005, the White Ribbon Campaign Namibia (WRCN) is an NGO focused on engaging men & boys to campaign, speak out & take action to end violence against women & girls (VAWG).

  • Raise awareness on violence against women & girls (VAWG) in all its forms. 
  • Challenge male attitudes which condone VAWG. 
  • Educate men so that they feel better able to speak up against VAWG. 
  • Encourage men to talk to other men and women about the issues and end the climate of male silence on the subject of VAWG.
  • Develop a wide support network of male volunteers across Namibia who will develop campaign activity.
  • To spread the Message about Building health relationships among men & Young men and Boys in our Communities.
  • To promote discussions & actions towards violence-free relationships under the local theme:  RESPECT HER & SHOW VIOLENCE THE RED CARD CAMPAIGN
  • Helping men to stand up, speak out and take action against male violence and promote a culture of equality and respect against women & the Girl- Child.
Jordan Katimba
Assistant Project Coordinator
Assistant Project Coordinator focusing on - 1. Promoting public interest by talking with colleagues and friends about the campaign, what it means and how important it is to change community behaviours and attitudes; and 2. Talking about their role as an Ambassador in as many situations as possible, particularly when attending public engagements.

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