Namibian Partnership Solutions (NPS)

Namibian Partnership Solutions (NPS)
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Namibian Partnership Solutions (NPS) is a non-governmental organization which specializes in creating sustainable solutions to the most challenging situations. Our team has complementary expertise to address social complexities through a variety of methodologies to develop strategic approaches, identify and enhance low-cost/high-impact participatory solutions, while leveraging and enhancing existing system capacities. Our team has experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, thematic and statistical analysis, and synthesizing results into digestible formats for end-users. This allows us to assist organizations, ministries and agencies in gaining in-depth understanding of issues and dynamics and to promote creative and synergistic partnerships throughout the local, regional, national and international levels to address gaps in programme coverage. Namibian Partnership Solutions works across communities and sectors to build engagement bridges, especially with those most marginalized from services.

Namibia is the second highest nation in the world for income and wealth disparity, disproportionately leaving marginalized and poor communities facing vast social vulnerabilities. Those living in severe poverty, often have complex and compounding issues making it even harder for them to have their voices heard, issues understood and adequately addressed. Further the existing systems often work in isolation from one another, creating duplication of efforts and massive gaps in services, making identification and effective engagement even more difficult. Those who needs the support the most, often don’t receive them.

Namibian Partnership Solutions (NPS) takes on the equity approach with everything we do. We aim to identify the gaps, understand the interconnected dynamics and work to mitigate risk factors and vulnerabilities – both in the short term to fill the emergent gaps, but also with a long term approach for sustainability.

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