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  • African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI)

African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI)

African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI)
Address: Windhoek 2557, Khomas, Namibia
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Vision Statement:

To provide relevant and thorough leadership development opportunities for young people that will empower and enable them to be active contributors to socio-economic advancement in their communities.

Mission Statement:

To empower young Namibians to become active contributors to societal change by:

  • Nurturing leadership, self-development and social responsibility
  • Nurturing social and entrepreneurial innovation
  • Identifying and developing leadership potential
  • Providing life trajectory-changing education opportunities
  • Instilling a spirit of pan-Africanism amongst Namibian youth
  • Providing young Namibians with a network to ensure their ventures to reach their full potential
  • Equipping young Namibians with the necessary hard and soft skills for establishing and sustaining their ventures

Organisation Focus Programmes:

Fellowship programme

The flagship fellowship programme aspires to develop young Namibians who have the desire and potential to bring about significant change in the communities. Individuals aged 18-25 will start initiatives or scale up existing ones, incorporating teaching of soft skills and personal experiences into their entrepreneurial and leadership development.

Foundation programme

APLI’s foundation provides training tailored to high school Learners’ Representative Council members (LRC) and Junior Town Councillors by identifiying leaders early and groom them effectively for the ideal Africa. Our strategy includes public speaking, small group facilitation, global citizenship, digital marketing and access to dialogue with critical individuals and internships.

Scholar’s Programme for Boys

The main goal of the Scholar’s Programme for Boys is to provide life trajectory-changing opportunities to very talented and ambitious young boys who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We aspire to inspire a changed mindset amongst men in our country, by aligning wellness, emotional intelligence and critical thinking with their secondary schooling.

Establishment year: 2018
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