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Radical Emancipation And Leadership Development Club (REAL DC)

Radical Emancipation And Leadership Development Club (REAL DC)
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The Radical Emancipation and Leadership Development Club (REAL DC), in a nutshell, focuses on targeting men and boys, victims of violence, school drop-outs, unemployed youth, as well as children. We engage in the following activities:

  1. Creating a space for psychosocial support to foster a positive identity, provide space for healing, address the survivors of sexual exploitation, and tackle the high rate of suicide attempts in the community. This is achieved through:
    - Support groups that later transition into clubs for discussing ideas and finding solutions to local concerns.
    - Social evenings and local events (e.g., karaoke, game nights) planned and hosted by the target groups, creating strong bonds.
  2. Creating opportunities for capacity development to equip ourselves for daily life challenges and develop leadership skills.
  3. Utilizing the skills of transformed youth in Community Improvement projects and leading discussions of national concern at grassroots levels. This involves raising awareness and supporting schools through art and creative talent. We also run childcare programs, including soup kitchens, fundays, and homework classes. Additionally, we conduct research, community dialogues, and suicide awareness training, among many other initiatives.




Rivaldo Kariseb
Skills Development
Rivaldo asseses the skills needs of the members on the ground and assists in developing a coherent and continuous training system to enhance the special talents of the youth. He is largely responsible and for mobilizing and coordinating large group of members. He is also the music director of Heritage private school and a tennis coach.

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