CIVIC +264 Hosts Information Sharing and Networking Session with CSOs and Local Political Office Bearers in Rundu

CIVIC-264-Activity-2023-07-24-Info-Session-Rundu-PICTURE-Cove_20230731-065958_1 CIVIC +264 Information Session in Rundu

On 25 July 2023, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) active in and around Rundu were brought together for an Information Sharing and Networking Session organised by the Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (CIVIC +264) with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF). The event took place at the Kavango River Lodge and aimed to foster collaboration, information-sharing, and networking among CSOs while introducing them to the services provided by CIVIC +264.

The session served as a platform for CSOs to interact with key stakeholders, including Rundu Town Councilors. Participants were welcomed by Rundu local authority councilor, Reginald Ndara, who expressed his appreciation for the importance of civil society engagement in the region.

CIVIC 264 Activity 2023 07 24 Info Session Rundu PICTURE Back croppedParticipants

Melanie Markus, the Coordinator of CIVIC +264, provided an overview of CIVIC +264's mission, objectives, and the information it offers to CSOs across Namibia. She emphasized the significance of collaboration and information sharing in civil society and encouraged active participation from all attendees.

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The session addressed critical national developments that impact CSOs. Melanie Markus provided insights into topics such as the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) process in Namibia, the Anti-Corruption Commission's National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan (NACSAP), the Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Namibia Programme/Project (EPDN), the Framework of Engagement between Government & CSOs, and the proposed Non-State Actors Network Namibia (N-SANN).

CIVIC 264 Activity 2023 07 24 Info Session Rundu PICTURE Side 1 croppedParticipants

The interactive nature of the session allowed for open discussions and Q&A sessions, enabling participants to share their insights, challenges, and ideas for enhancing civil society engagement in the region. Notably, the presence and active participation of Rundu Town Councilors emphasized their commitment to effective partnerships with CSOs.


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In attendance:

  • Kavango East Regional Council (Paulus Haimbili);
  • Rundu Town Council (Reginald Ndara, Nicolaus Ndumba, Nakare Regina, Rosalia Nanghuti & Kandjima Berthold Fortune);
  • CIVIC +264 – Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (Melanie Markus & Bradley);
  • Freedom March Movement (Modestus Kasoma Kupembona);
  • Kasivi Pride Girls Club (Makanga Reinhilde);
  • Kayec Trust (Anton Kamerika & Loide Kasita);
  • Likunga OVC Project (Selma Haita & Eva Muyenga)
  • Youth 2 Youth Namibia (Joakim Sacky & Satumba Ruben);
  • NYSDP - National Youth Sports Development Platform (Magdalena Haingure);
  • The Children’s Movement (Sitanbara Rafani);
  • AfriYAN (Hakasembe Leander & Elias Kanabinda);
  • Nimrod M. OVC Project (Semet N Cecilia);
  • Joseph Mbambunga Conservancy (Kandjware Alfons);
  • Wapa-Nawa Recycling Center (Ladislaus Shikerete);
  • Namibia Red Cross Society (Mathews Muwango & Karlito Edward);
  • Rundu Fashion Show (Simbaranda Pordesuis);
  • Namibia Rural Women’s Assembly (Fugre Josephine);
  • The Children's Movement (Pedro Kapirika);
  • Kavango East Youth Forum (Bonifatius Kavinga);
  • NYC Kavango East Youth Forum (Erwina Mushinga Karupu); and
  • Youth Activist Stefanus Mars Kudumo.
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