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Inclusion in the 4th Edition of the Guide to Civil Society in Namibia - 26 October 2023

CIVIC-264-Activity-2023-10-31-Guide-to-Civil-Society-in-Namibia---Poster_BT-V2F Guide to Civil Society in Namibia

Dear Civil Society Colleague, the Civil Society Information Centre Namibia (CIVIC +264) is preparing the 4th Edition of the Guide to Civil Society in Namibia: An Overview of the Mandate and Activities of Civil Society Organisations in Namibia. We are looking forward to the possibility of featuring your organisation. The Guide aims to introduce stakeholders to dedicated non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs), highlighting their mandates, activities, contact details and the sectors in which they operate.

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INVITATION - ReachOut Namibia NGO Seminar: Optimizing NGO engagement for impact - 28 October 2023

ReachOut-Namibia-NGO-Seminar-Flyer-2023 ReachOut Namibia NGO Seminar

ReachOut Namibia Charity Foundation will be hosting its second NGO Seminar under the theme: "Optimizing engagement for impact". The Seminar will see the presence of various Namibian NGOs, Community Based organizations and Charity organizations, sharing impact stories, challenges and how to better serve their respective communities. The event is scheduled for Saturday 28 October 2023, and will take place in Rundu, Kavango East Region.

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IPPR INVITATION - Access To Information for CSOs: A focus group discussion - 2 October 2023

IPPR-2023-10-02 IPPR ATI for CSOs Focus Group Discussion

INVITATION | The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) seeks to develop a toolkit to help civil society actors to navigate access to information systems and processes that will be rolled out with the implementation of the Access to Information Act of 2022.

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INVITATION: FIC Consultation Session with NPOs on Registration & Filing Annual Returns - 22 September 2023

FIC-Activity-2023-09-22-CSOs-Consultation-Session FIC Consultation Session with NPOs - 22 September 2023

Please take note that the FIC will be hosting a Consultation Session tomorrow, 22 September from 09:00 to 12:00 at the Hilton Hotel Windhoek. This session is open to both CSOs/NPOs and Churches/FBOs and will serve as a feedback session on the questions, comments and concerns from the briefing meeting earlier this week. Mr Kristian Hamutenya, Deputy Director: Compliance Supervision & Strategic Analysis Division, will be in attendance.

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CSOs Briefing Meeting with FIC on NPO Registration & Filing of Annual Returns - 18 September 2023

CIVIC-264-Activity-2023-09-15-Meeting-FIC---Web_BT FIC on NPO Registration & Filing of Annual Returns

Reference is made to the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) notice CALLING ON ALL NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS: REGISTRATION DEADLINE WITH THE FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTRE AND FILING ANNUAL RETURNS. Faith-based organisations (FBOs), religious bodies and NPOs involved in charitable services are all required to register with the FIC no later than 29 September 2023

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FIC-logo Financial Inteligence Centre

FIC Calling on All NPOs Registration Deadline with the FIC Filing Annual Returns 29 September 2023

    The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is tasked with the coordination of Namibia's Anti-Money Laundering, Combatting the Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation (AMU/CFI/CPF) activities. In furtherance of this mandate, the FIC supervises Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), amongst other sectors, as per the Financial Intelligence Act, 2012.
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NICG - FIREPLACE CONVERSATIONS: Governance of Non-Profit Organisations & Civil Society Organisations - 24 August 2023


On Thursday, 24 August, our Coordinator, Mrs Melanie Markus, will be participating in the Namibia Institute of Corporate Governance (NICG)'s FIREPLACE CONVERSATIONS. She will be joined by Mr Norman Tjombe, Partner & Director at Tjombe-Elago Incorporated, and Mr Ronny Dempers, Executive Director of the Namibia Development Trust (NDT), for a discussion on the governance of non-profit organisations & civil society organisations (including CBOs - community-based organisations, FBOs - faith-based organisations, charitable organisations, and clubs).

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Namibian Youth Celebrate International Youth Day at #YouthQuakeNam23 on Digital Inclusion for Youth Democratic Participation

NMT-YouthQuakeNam23-cover #YouthQuakeNam23

The Namibia Media Trust (NMT) hosted its fifth annual YouthQuake conference on 12 August 2023, along the sidelines of International Youth Day in Windhoek. The conference provided a dynamic platform for young Namibians to explore the intersection of digital inclusion and democratic engagement under the theme "Digital Inclusion for Youth Democratic Participation".

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READ | CIVIC BEAT Newsletter: May to July 2023 Highlights & Events

CIVIC-BEAT-CIVIC-264-Web CIVIC BEAT Volume 2 Issue 1

Dear Civil Society Colleagues and Esteemed Stakeholders,

We are thrilled to present the latest edition of CIVIC BEAT, our electronic newsletter covering the period from May to July 2023. Stay informed and engaged by accessing the newsletter through this convenient link:

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'I support equal rights for ALL' - INVITATION to take a stand in CSOs' campaign

I-support-equal-rights-for-ALL---INVITATION-to-take-a-stand-in-CSOs-campaign-cover-final 'I support equal rights for ALL'

You are invited to take a stand in our campaign 'I support equal rights for ALL: Taking a stand of love for all in the Namibian family'. Many of us are feeling powerless as the supremacy of our constitution is being torn apart by politicians in the name of misinformation about our LGBT brothers and sisters.

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