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'I support equal rights for ALL' - INVITATION to take a stand in CSOs' campaign

I-support-equal-rights-for-ALL---INVITATION-to-take-a-stand-in-CSOs-campaign-cover-final 'I support equal rights for ALL'

You are invited to take a stand in our campaign 'I support equal rights for ALL: Taking a stand of love for all in the Namibian family'. Many of us are feeling powerless as the supremacy of our constitution is being torn apart by politicians in the name of misinformation about our LGBT brothers and sisters.

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NID - Call for Private Sector and Govt Investment in Local NGOs

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AARON BUCKLEY | Namibia is a nation teeming with opportunities. Everywhere  you look, people are hungry for success.

A country built on free market principles, with a people questing for equal economic participation in its development. Namibia has many commonly known successes; it re mains one of the only countries in the world with a robust environmental policy enshrined in its constitution combined with a strong governmental investment that could lead to a direct betterment for all citizens.

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NID - 'A CALL TO ACTION' public discussion forum on '1.6 MILLION NAMIBIANS LIVING IN POVERTY' - 24 February 2022


Join the Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID) on Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 15:00 for A CALL TO ACTION! public discussion forum on 1.6 MILLION NAMIBIANS LIVING IN POVERTY.  The public discussion will take place at the Katutura Community Arts Centre. For more information / to RSVP kindly email or call +264 81 826 2090.

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